Genre - Death/Thrash

    Location - Greensboro, NC

    Members - 



    Unbridled rage. That's what I hear in Divine Treachery's music. The vocals are shrieks of outrage and growling threats, while the guitar is violent and raw. The drums sound like their being pounded on by sledge hammers, and I'm honestly wondering if the drummer himself needs to be medicated. These guys are a frenzied onslaught waiting for a reason to blast out their fury upon the unsuspecting masses. Divine Treachery loves to see pits break out at their shows, and their fans aren't afraid to cross into areas of hardcore moshing (you were fucking warned). When you go see them live, be prepared for a violent, aggressive show with a rabid fanbase that will start up a pit while the band is doing their sound check. Yeah. It's that good.

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